New Energy Lab Maastricht, The Netherlands                                                                         

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Maastricht has already a short history of alternative energy workshops. In 2008 Roel Aerts started in a big hall at the Rondeel in Maastricht the first investigations for the use of Browns gas. We did some experiments with an industrial browns gas generator and also some electronic energy projects. After some time Frank Collaris started to set up an enterprise of HHO boosters.  Evomotion.nl  moved a couple of times to other locations and facilitated investigators with their exotic energy projects. He has to stop in march 2015 with his business and also the new energy workshop came to an end.

Today, many people are fascinated by the info on new ways of energy harvesting. Free energy indicates also freedom from energy companies, most using non sustainable sources. The big part of the problems of mankind was and is energy related.

The problem is that there is a lack of independent workshops/labs who are well equipped with measuring tools. They can check the claims from individuals who say they invented a free energy machine without any/enough proof. Well educated technicians in the Lab share knowledge to the people who need a practical proof of concept

The new energy movement is fast growing. The Lab supports individuals in their energy research with specific knowledge, tools, materials, pr and marketing.

Laboratoire de Synthèse is a workshop for grassroot investigations on new forms of energy generation.

Maastricht is international situated, it is good place to organise international new energy meetings. Much work needs to be done before the opening of this New Energy Lab.

Oktober 2015 we will start the Lab with a local gathering of interested people. Informal meetings are organised in the Mancave of the Lab. 

The news tab will be used for more practical info and an event agenda.