New website with current info

It is a pleasure to present a new website for all my projects, old and new, which are related to new ways of energy harvesting .
Laboratoire de Synthése has a non-conventional approach to this theme.
Early 2016 I explored a linear magnetic motor/generator with the use of permanent magnets. I learned a lot, no overunity was gained.
This year, 2017, rotational energy generation by means of magnets comes in focus. The picture below show's the electro-magnetic spectrum. I hope, my experiments can find a way to convert a small part of this radiation, waves and force field's to useful electric energy.

June 16, 2017

The new website of Laboratoire de Synthése is now online. It is still under construction and updates come asap.
People can follow here my new energy projects as they are developing. Also video's will be made of all experiments.


June 12, 2017
Within a month I hope to start with a new project about a magnet motor/generator. For that reason I design a new website what makes fast publishing possible. I go to use Quick 'n Easy Web Builder.

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