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It is a pleasure to present a new website for all my projects, old and new, which are related to new ways of energy harvesting .

Laboratoire de Synthése has a non-conventional approach to this theme.

Early 2016 I explored a linear magnetic motor/generator with the use of coils and permanent magnets. Seven projects are the result; see the project page.

End 2017 I started the Donut Motor project. This is a series about rotational energy generation by means of magnets. The picture above show's the electro-magnetic spectrum. I hope, my experiments lead to a way to convert a small part of this waves, radiation and force field's to useful electric energy.

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Another approach to energy harvesting.

Old projects

  1. -RattleGen torch

  2. -Gauss meter

  3. -Coil winder

  4. -Linear generator

Current project

The Donut Motor.

Very low current pulse

motor. How long can it

run at an exotic power


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