Maastricht - in the south of the Netherlands- has already a short history of free/ new energy workshops. In 2008 Roel Aerts started, in a big hall at the Rondeel, the first investigations for the use of Browns gas. We did some experiments with an industrial BG generator and did also some other energy experiments. After a year Frank Collaris started to set up an enterprise of HHO boosters. Evomotion moved a couple of times to other locations and facilitated individuals with their exotic energy projects.
He had to stop with his business in march 2015. The new energy workshop came also to an end.
Laboratoire de Synthèse is the name Berto Aussems has given to his lab, in one room in his house.
He wants to make a new start to facilitate energy projects who fit within the capacity of the space.
After a thorough renovation of his house, early 2017, the lab was ready to open in the summer this year.
People interested in the energy projects can follow my RSS feed, Google+, YouTube or OU forums.
I hope to meet more people in the Euregio Maas-Rijn to organize regular meetings and demonstrations.
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